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Ad Bekkers - Hounds - German wirehaired pointer
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Why do we sell our dogs?

Firstly, we think breeding dogs is a fantastic business. There is nothing nicer than to go into the wild with a litter of puppies for the first time. They think all interesting and they want to smell, taste and look at everyting.
We ourselves cannot keep more than about four dogs, otherwise the individual dog does not get the attention it needs.
Between the 8th and 16th week (socialization period) the pup is ready to change owner. This is a very important stage in a dog's life. What they learn during that time they never forget anymore no matter whether these are good or bad habits. During this stage the pup should come in touch with as much as possible.
It also happens that we offer older animals, but that process is totally different. In that case the dog finished its traning, and acquired its specific habits. The new owner needs to be very well informed about this, and should suit the dog. If the deal takes place, and the dog moves house, then it should be kept inside for a week or two, because the animal has to get acquainted with the new owner. Best advice is to call the dog by its name, and when it obeys to reward it with something it likes (e.g. a piece of meat). This shortens the time the dog needs to get accustomed to its new owner and environment.

Currently we do have no pups for sale.